Bunker57 (age 13+)

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BUNKER57 (age 13+) - ESCAPE ROOM

LOS ANGELES, California; the year is 2039.

It was supposed to be a vaccine. It was supposed to protect us from the return of Cholera. Who could have predicted the side effects were death, and then reanimation of your corpse? With most of the world infected, there aren't many places left to hide from the zombies. You spend your days trying to find food and supplies - and trying to NOT get bitten.

That was... until yesterday. It wasn't even a real bite! It felt like a scratch. But you know there are very few second chances any more. You can feel the blackness creeping into your extremities. It’s only a matter of time until you turn.

You need to break into the abandoned government Bunker 57, pray to God that the antivirus they were working on is viable, and inject it into yourself before time runs out. You have 60 minutes before you have to make a very difficult decision...



• Difficulty: MED/HIGH
• Creepiness: High, it will be very dark upon entering and a tight space that 1 participant will need to go through. Atmosphere is dark with flashing lights, loud noises, fake blood, fake body parts and gore.
• Age Requirement: Adults/Teens 13+ One Adult/Guardian required to participate with teens ages 13 & 14, due to level of fear & graphic nature. All players must be 15+ to play without a chaperone.
• Minimum required number of participants: 2 adults (or 1 adult and 1 teen 13+). 
• Recommended number of participants: 6-8 for best experience. Note: other players may book with you unless you purchase all 8 tickets or pay for a private room.

*Most Escape Rooms in the USA book up to 12 people per room. We only book up to 8 people per room, however, if you rent the room privately you can bring up to 12 people. Please choose during checkout which you prefer, and the price will adjust accordingly.

Waivers are required and are to be completed prior to mission either online or at the facility, no printing necessary. 1 adult may sign for minors, all others must complete their own waiver.


• Individual Ticket: $31.99

Gift Certificates and Replay Gift Certificates are accepted towards this mission. Group Vouchers are not valid on this room (Please see your voucher's fine print for details and restrictions).

• Please arrive 15 minutes early for brief rules/orientation, you then have 60 minutes in the room.

Escape Rooms are physical activities that may require 2 guests per room (min ages of 7+ or 13+ REQUIRED, depending on the room) plus a ticketed parent/guardian with all kids 15 & under. Not all areas and equipment are handicap accessible and may have restrictions. Rooms may contain loud or eerie sounds, fog, scents, movement, dimly lit areas and flashing or strobe type lights - which may cause seizures or Vertigo. Please call ahead if you have questions regarding which experiences might be better suited for you and your guests or please see our FAQ for more details.