Eat or be Eaten (age 13+)

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Miami, Florida. The year is 1968.

The last thing you remember is getting on that airboat to enjoy a trip through the Everglades. You enjoy traveling alone - or at least you did.

Waking up covered in blood, with a pounding headache was not supposed to be part of your adventure. And who's that guy on the floor... is he dead? From the looks of it (aside from your new friend) this meat packing plant has been abandoned for years. But if it's truly abandoned, what are those horrific noises coming from the other room?

"Get up and find a way out of here!" you tell yourself. The clock is ticking...



• Difficulty: MED
• Creepiness: High - Dark atmosphere with flashing lights, startle scares and air blasts, loud noises, fake blood, fake body parts and gore.
• Age Requirement: Adults/Teens 13+  One Adult/Guardian required to participate with teens ages 13 & 14, due to level of fear & graphic nature. All players must be 15+ to play without a chaperone.
• Minimum required number of participants: 2 adults (or 1 adult and 1 teen 13+). 
• Recommended number of participants: 6-8 for best experience. Note: other players may book with you unless you purchase all 8 tickets or pay for a private room.

*Most Escape Rooms in the USA book up to 12 people per room. We only book up to 8 people per room, however, if you rent the room privately you can bring up to 12 people. Please choose during checkout which you prefer, and the price will adjust accordingly.

Waivers are required and are to be completed prior to mission either online or at the facility, no printing necessary. 1 adult may sign for minors, all others must complete their own waiver.


• Individual Ticket: $31.99

Gift Certificates, Replay Gift Certificates and Group Vouchers are accepted towards this mission (Please see your voucher's fine print for details and restrictions).

• Please arrive 15 minutes early for brief rules/orientation, you then have 60 minutes in the room.

Escape Rooms are physical activities that may require 2 guests per room (min ages of 7+ or 13+ REQUIRED, depending on the room) plus a ticketed parent/guardian with all kids 15 & under. Not all areas and equipment are handicap accessible and may have restrictions. Rooms may contain loud or eerie sounds, fog, scents, movement, dimly lit areas and flashing or strobe type lights - which may cause seizures or Vertigo. Please call ahead if you have questions regarding which experiences might be better suited for you and your guests or please see our FAQ for more details.

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  • 5

    Posted by Shy E on Jun 16th 2016

    (Source - Trip Advisor Review)
    It was so fun I wanna go again, we had to work together as team and it was awesome. It was like I was detective
    Visited May 2016

  • 5
    Great Place

    Posted by Sean M. on Jun 16th 2016

    (Source - Yelp Review)
    From the moment we walked in our heads were being messed with in the best way. A great and one of a kind experience, and a small local business (not a franchise). Well worth $29. Awesome staff and just a great time. If you're on the fence just do it. You can buy me a drink to thank me if we ever meet.

  • 5
    Seriously a fun and great team building experience.

    Posted by Jeff B. on Jun 16th 2016

    (Source - Yelp Review)
    Went here for a coworkers going away party. Didn't know what to expect when coming into it.l as I had never done an escape room before. I was worried that it would be difficult working together to get stuff accomplished but it was such an amazing experience and we were all able to come together to get the puzzle solved.

    I would highly recommend Escape In Time. The experience was completely immersive and unsettling. As soon as all of us left we just kept thinking about how much we wanted to go back and do another room.

    Make your reservations and go! I would definitely say that you wouldn't want to go with less than three people, we had 6 and it seemed to be the perfect amount.
    Seriously a fun and great team building experience.

  • 5

    Posted by Keisha T. on Jun 16th 2016

    (Source - Yelp Review)
    My husband and I are rapidly becoming escape room aficionados and he's a bit hard to please, so when we walked in and even he was impressed, I knew we were in for a treat. It's hard to say much about specific escape rooms since part of their appeal is predicated on the idea of knowing as little as possible, but I can say this. The amount of attention to detail and care taken in the construction of the room we did ("Eat or Be Eaten") was refreshing to see. There are a fair number of escape rooms out there that are just phoning it in, but these folks have got the goods. The room design, clues, and puzzles are impressive, but the staff's commitment to making the whole thing a real *experience* (even before you ever get to the room) is really noteworthy as well. A+ job, guys! (Special shout out to gamemaster Liz too: I somehow screwed up our reservation time when booking and didn't realize it until we had driven 90 minutes to their facility. She graciously fit us in, which we really appreciated.)

  • 5
    Totally Awesome

    Posted by madcity wisco on Jun 16th 2016

    (Source - Google Review)
    It was totally awesome!

  • 5
    By far the best escape rooms in Madison!

    Posted by Kimberly Christensen on Jun 16th 2016

    (Source - Google Review)
    By far the best in Madison. The ambiance is great, puzzles challenging. An entertaining and fun activity!

  • 5
    We had a great time

    Posted by Mark Wilkes on Jun 16th 2016

    (Source - Google Reviews)
    Had a great time! It was fun, challenging, and made you think outside of the box. Highly recommend it, looking forward to their new rooms!

  • 5
    Fo Sho Recommend!!

    Posted by MITCHELL JOHNSON on Jun 16th 2016

    (Source - Google Reviews)
    Showed up having no clue what an escape room was and I was pleasantly surprised! I had no idea being abducted and forced to escape could be so fun, 10/10 fo sho recommend!!

  • 5
    A Blast :)

    Posted by Jessica Johnson on Jun 16th 2016

    (Source - Google Review)
    We recently took a group of nine friends to Escape In Time and we had a blast! No one in our group had done an escape room before and Escape In Time made booking easy, and made the experience fun for all - VERY theatrical! We were successful with our mission, and everyone could not stop talking about the escape room for the remainder of the evening. We will be sure to go back soon!