About Us

Escape in Time

ESCAPE IN TIME is a front for the privately funded research company -- the Deja Institute. For decades, scientists at the Deja Institute have been working tirelessly to master the art of bending space and time.

Finally, they had a breakthrough and successfully created several "rips" in the time curtain. These portals can be used to travel forward or backwards in time, to any physical destination.

Unfortunately, the rips are unstable. Even using nuclear fusion, the incredible amount of power needed to open a time-portal cannot be sustained for more than 60 minutes.

During the early testing phase, a small group of scientists attempted to violate the laws of the space-time continuum by keeping the portal open longer. The results were devastating... and no one has seen that group of scientists since.

Luckily for you, 60 minutes is long enough to complete your mission -- if you are organized and stick to the plan. At ESCAPE IN TIME, your efforts will either include going back in time to alter a key event and change the future or traveling forward in time to gather information about what is yet to come.

Every journey you take will provide crucial data to the Deja Institute.





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